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Artificial intelligence. It’s one of the most buzzworthy topics today, and the hype shows no sign of slowing down. But as more and more AI developments are released, questions are being raised around proper AI governance.

The International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP) recognized this area of opportunity. And so, the Certified Artificial Intelligence Governance Professional (AIGP) was born.

Through AIGP training and certification, you can better understand AI systems, including the use cases, impacts, and how to mitigate risk. You’ll also learn about current and emerging laws and policies and how they apply to AI systems to ensure the development, integration, and deployment of AI is performed in a trustworthy, ethical manner.

In this article, we’re going to dive into the AIGP certification—what are the requirements and benefits of certification, who it’s for, and what to expect on the exam.

What is Required to Obtain and Maintain the AIGP Certification?

In order to qualify for the AIGP certification, you need to get a passing score on the AIGP exam. The exam, which consists of 100 multiple-choice questions, must be completed within three hours.

And, that’s it! That’s the only requirement for the AIGP certification. You won’t be asked to demonstrate years of professional experience, which you may see for some certifications outside of IAPP. With the field of AI governance so new, it’s doubtful anyone could meet experience requirements in any event. AIGP allows you to get into an emerging field at the ground level.

So, once you’re certified, how do you maintain your AIGP qualification? Consistent with the other certifications on the IAPP roster, you’re required to submit 20 hours of Continuing Privacy Education (CPE) credits and a $250 (USD) certification maintenance fee per 2-year certification term. There is an exception if you have an IAPP membership—the $250 fee is waived (i.e., it’s included in your membership).

What Are the Benefits of AIGP Certification?

With the AIGP certification on your resume, you’ll stand out as a candidate, have better job security, and it can help you better communicate across teams and with clients.

Professionals who can understand and execute AI governance are in high demand. Companies are seeking out these professionals who can evaluate, develop standards, and implement strategies for compliance with applicable laws and regulations. The AIGP certification can help you stand out as a candidate, as you’ve demonstrated your deep understanding of AI governance. With this expertise likely comes an increase in salary, too.

And while we see many jobs being replaced by AI, these AI systems can’t govern themselves. For this reason, the AIGP certification can help ensure job security.

Through AIGP certification, you’ll also be able to “talk the talk” of AI, so to speak. This means more effective communication across teams in discussing emerging best practices and greater confidence when speaking with clients.

Who Typically Obtains the AIGP Certification?

The ideal candidate for the AIGP certification spans across many different professions and industries. Generally speaking, if you work for a company in which AI is utilized, the AIGP certification could very well benefit you.

More specifically, according to the IAPP, the designation is most appropriate for professionals in roles like AI compliance, risk management, legal and governance, data scientists, AI project managers, model operations teams, and social scientists, to name a few.

AIGP certification also makes a great compliment for anyone in the privacy and data protection industry. With so much personal data being used to train AI models, AI governance is a natural outgrowth of privacy concerns. In fact, that’s exactly why the IAPP is well positioned to lead the charge into this emerging space.

What is Tested on the AIGP Exam?

A good source of information for what’s tested on the AIGP exam is the AIGP Body of Knowledge and Exam Blueprint. This free resource offered by the IAPP outlines all of the domains, competencies, and performance indicators that will be assessed on the AIGP certification exam.

Competencies are groups of connected tasks and abilities, making up a broad knowledge domain. Performance indicators are the distinct tasks and abilities that make up the broader competence group.

The AIGP exam is separated into six main domains, and a seventh that covers emerging governance and legal issues:

During the exam, you’ll see straightforward questions that test specific knowledge and questions that require an application of knowledge. About 30% of the 100 multiple-choice questions will be connected to case studies, in which real-world challenges for AI will be presented. All questions will assess your proficiency on the performance indicators.

How to Prepare for the AIGP Exam

The IAPP offers a number of free resources to help you prepare for the AIGP exam. A good place to start is The AIGP Candidate Handbook. This handbook contains helpful information on the exam, scoring, pricing, a handy CPE credit guide, and more.

For more general information, the IAPP also has a How to Prepare page on their site, in which you’ll find a link to the training options available for purchase.

No matter which certification you’re pursuing, the IAPP recommends you train and study for at least 30 hours. In our experience, including feedback from our thousands of students, that 30-hour mark is a bit low; most need a minimum of 50 hours of studying to ensure success on exam day.

To adequately and efficiently prepare for an exam, many professionals look for study materials beyond those available through IAPP. At Privacy Bootcamp, we offer a comprehensive, self-paced e-learning platform to help you prepare for certification by the IAPP. This includes e-study modules, digital flashcards, practice questions, interactive exercises, and more, which are currently offered for the CIPP/US, CIPP/E, CIPM, and CIPT.

The AIGP certification is new – it was only released in April 2024. We are hard at work preparing training materials that are up to the quality that you’ve come to expect of Privacy Bootcamp. But quality takes time. Our goal is to have something available by early 2025. To receive updates on our progress, create an account and join our mailing list.

With proper preparation for the exam, you’ll be well on your way to adding the AIGP certification to your resume. In doing so, you’ll have the opportunity to play a critical role in the development of ethical and responsible AI today, and for years to come.

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