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One Comprehensive Learning Environment

E-Study Guide

E-Study Guide

Our comprehensive study guides track your progress and walk you through every knowledge area tested by the IAPP, with citations to key sources and accompanied by easily-digestible summaries.

E-Study Guide

Practice Exams

Hundreds of practice questions and our exam engine provide you the opportunity to take a limitless number of unique practice exams. Simulate actual exam conditions with our exam engine.

E-Study Guide

Study Tools

Hundreds of flashcards, a quick reference cheat sheet, numerous digital exercises, and other tools provide you everything you need to tailor your study to how you learn best.

About Privacy Bootcamp

What is Privacy Bootcamp?

Privacy Bootcamp is the only comprehensive, self-paced e-learning platform available for those preparing for the CIPP/US and CIPM exams administered by the International Association of Privacy Professionals. Other organizations offer live-video or in-person trainings that require you to take days out of your busy schedule. And those courses cost, literally, thousands of dollars. At Privacy Bootcamp, we believe there is a better way.

Our courses are a fraction of the cost of other available options. Don’t spend thousands of dollars attending a multi-day live workshop that is not even designed with exam success in mind.

Busy professionals like you don’t have the time to take several days off from work to attend a live, in-person training or webinar. With our study guides, you can work at your own pace, when you have the time available.

Our material has been prepared by privacy professionals that have a deep understanding of the subject matter, so you don’t waste time trying to find quality study material. And we put our money where our mouth is with a money back guarantee.*

Save Money Save Money

Save Money

Save the Hassle Save the Hassle

Save Time

Save the Hassle Save the Hassle

Save the Hassle

Privacy Bootcamp Reviews

What Do Our Students Have to Say?

Privacy Bootcamp Student #2

"I took and passed the CIPP-US exam today! Thank you so much for providing such a comprehensive preparation course. I will recommend you to any of my colleagues who plan to take the CIPP-US."

"I passed! MUCH appreciate your great course and your assistance!. . . [T]he actual topics tested were SPOT ON to what was learned in the course. You covered everything perfectly."

"Just passed my CIPM on the first try! You guys are rock stars as far as putting out concise information in a format that is logical, organized and comprehensive."

"[Y]our product is fantastic... The review and practice exam tools, in particular, are worth the price of admission. I took the CIPP/E without the benefit of your programs, and preparation was much more difficult."

"I passed the CIPM exam on my first attempt. [Privacy Bootcamp] was instrumental in my success."

"Initially I thought CIPP/US was not possible [for me] because [interpreting] law terms [is] . . . not easy for IT professionals. Privacy Bootcamp removed the difficulties."

"I have used other privacy certification providers and Privacy Bootcamp is the best in my opinion. It also costs far less than others."

"Privacy Bootcamp is incredibly convenient . . . The scope of material tested seems daunting at first, but becomes quite manageable when presented in the organized manner offered by Privacy Bootcamp."

"[A]ccessible to beginners, while still delivering the level of detail that seasoned practitioners can appreciate. I recommend Privacy Bootcamp to anyone who seeks a better understanding of U.S. privacy law."

"Privacy Bootcamp provided me all the materials I needed to effectively prepare to take the test. Their course provided tremendous value."

"Five Stars! I just passed the CIPP/US [exam] using your system!"

"I studied intensely for 3 months [using another method] and on the day of the test, I failed. I decided to take the test again [studying with Privacy Bootcamp] and I PASSED. I’ll be back for your CIPM course."

Sara E., CIPP/US Student

Anjali S., CIPP/US Student

Ken F., CIPM Student

Daniel B., CIPP/US and CIPM Student

Lennox B., CIPM Student

R.N., CIPP/US and CIPM Student

Phillip W., CIPP/US and CIPM Student

Dan M., CIPP/US Student

Patrick K., CIPP/US Student

Kenny D., CIPP/US Student

D.M., CIPP/US Student

Tanya D., CIPP/US and CIPM Student

North Carolina, U.S.A.

Maryland, U.S.A.

California, U.S.A.

Guam, U.S.A.

Connecticut, U.S.A.

New Jersey, U.S.A.

California, U.S.A.

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What Makes Privacy Bootcamp Different?

What Makes Privacy Bootcamp Different
Preview a Course

Preview Our Courses

We understand that everyone has a different way in which they learn best, and our courses are designed with that in mind.

Get a free peak inside our courses so that you can see what we have to offer, including:

  • A look at our comprehensive e-textbooks and how we've organized the courses
  • Example e-study modules
  • An example exercise
  • And more!

The Privacy Bootcamp Guarantee

Privacy Bootcamp Guarantee

We are so confident that our products will provide you all the tools that you need to pass IAPP certification exams that if you complete 100% of one of our courses, we guarantee you will pass the exam or we will refund the entire cost of our course.*

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The Courses

Certified Information Privacy Professional / U.S. (CIPP/US)


The "What" of Privacy Protection

The CIPP/US credential indicates that you are an expert in U.S. privacy laws and regulations, including how those laws and regulations are applied.

Discover more about the specific topics tested on the CIPP/US exam by visiting the IAPP Body of Knowledge and Exam Blueprint

Your CIPP/US course comes with the following features:

  • 90+ Guided e-Study Modules
  • 1,200+ Digital Flashcards
  • 500+ Practice Questions
  • 15+ Interactive Exercises
  • 30+ Statutory Charts
  • A Quick Reference "Cheat Sheet"
  • A Live-Exam Environment

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Certified Information Privacy Manager (CIPM)


The "How" of Privacy Protection

The CIPM certification indicates that you are a skilled leader in privacy program management and administration; it shows that you know how to establish and maintain a privacy program throughout its entire life cycle.

Discover more about the specific topics tested on the CIPM exam by visiting the IAPP Body of Knowledge and Exam Blueprint

Your CIPM course comes with the following features:

  • 60+ Guided e-Study Modules
  • 600+ Digital Flashcards
  • 450+ Practice Questions
  • 10+ Interactive Exercises
  • A Quick Reference "Cheat Sheet"
  • A Live-Exam Environment

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Individual Practice Exams

Looking for a complete practice exam to help you study? We have you covered. Purchase a standalone 90-question practice exam by visiting our partner website.

Each full-length practice exam includes:


Questions and answer key


Detailed explanations


Citations to primary source materials


Study With Privacy Bootcamp
Learn More About Studying With Privacy Bootcamp

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you administer the CIPP/US or CIPM exams?


A: Privacy Bootcamp is an e-learning platform that offers test prep courses for the certification exams administered by the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP). After completing a Privacy Bootcamp course, you may register for and schedule an exam on the IAPP’s website.

Q: Do I need a review course to pass the CIPP/US or CIPM exams?


A: No matter your professional experience, there are almost certainly areas tested on both the CIPP/US and CIPM exams in which you will have little or no first-hand knowledge. Privacy Bootcamp was born out of the frustration felt by the lack of resources available to professionals seeking to become certified in the field of information privacy and data protection.

It is certainly possible to compile all of the necessary information covered by the exam, review all of the primary source materials, and separate out what is important from what isn’t. But that would take weeks upon weeks (trust us, we know!). That is time that a busy professional like you doesn’t have, and time that is better spent actually studying and retaining the key information you need to know.

Q: Are your course materials up to date?


A: We have updated our courses to account for changes to exams that will be administered after September 1, 2021. We comprehensively update our course materials once a year, generally in late Summer or early Fall, to correspond with the annually updated exams offered by the IAPP. In addition, we provide smaller updates as needed. These updates happen seamlessly and without any action on your part.

Q: How long will it take me to go through a course?


A: The IAPP recommends that students preparing for one of its exams spend a minimum of 30 hours in study. Due to the extensive amount of material covered on the exams, however, we believe that slightly more time studying is necessary. Our courses are designed to be completed in roughly 50 hours. But because our services are available anywhere you have an online connection, you can take as much or as little time as you need to feel comfortable with the material.

Q: Do you offer a pass guarantee?


A: In the unlikely event that you do not pass the CIPP/US or CIPM exams on your first try, we offer to provide a full refund if you have completed one of our courses in its entirety. Completing a course in its entirety requires students to read all of the e-study guide, complete (and pass) each knowledge review, and complete (and pass) at least two full-length practice exams. The full terms of the Privacy Bootcamp guarantee can be found HERE.

Q: How is Privacy Bootcamp different than other study options available?


A: We’re glad you asked! A number of organizations offer in-person trainings that span multiple full-length days and cost—literally—thousands of dollars. At Privacy Bootcamp, we believe there is a better, more cost-effective way. Our courses are designed with the busy professional in mind by certified experts that have real-world experience in the field of information privacy. We know that you don’t have the time to take three days out of your busy life to go sit through multiple days of lectures. And even if you did, how could anyone possibly retain all the necessary information in that environment?

We provide our students the opportunity to study at their own pace and on their own time. This allows our students to not only better retain the necessary information, but also focus on specific areas in which they may need more time to study. Our courses are designed to reinforce concepts, with flashcards, interactive exercises, knowledge reviews, and the opportunity to review practice questions. We also provide a live-exam environment that mimics the real-world exam, so there are no surprises to our students on test day. Simply put, there is no other company that provides what Privacy Bootcamp offers. Oh, and did we mention, our courses are a fraction of the cost of other alternatives?

Q: Do you provide hardcopy materials?


A: No. Our platform only operates digitally. This is done for several reasons. First, it helps us control costs so that we can offer our services to you at a much lower rate compared to other test prep options available. Second, offering our materials digitally better represents how the IAPP exams are administered. In this way, when you take the actual exam, you will be more comfortable with the exam format.

Q: How do Privacy Bootcamp’s courses work?


A: Privacy Bootcamp gives you everything you need to pass the CIPP/US or CIPM exams in a streamlined, on-demand format. Through our e-study guide, we provide you with a structured set of reading material that covers all topics tested by the IAPP. As you work through the course, we also provide you with flashcards, statutory outlines/charts, module review questions, and more.

Want less structure? That's OK too! Our course materials are structured after the Exam Blueprints and Bodies of Knowledge published by the IAPP. Nevertheless, we have designed our courses to allow users to jump from one section to another. We also provide other features designed to allow you to study in whatever manner you wish. For example, you can access flashcards that cover only certain areas in which you would like extra practice. Additionally, we provide a live exam environment for you to take full-length practice exams under real-world conditions. We also offer the opportunity to review questions that you may have missed, along with multiple other features.

For a preview of what we offer, open the Preview Page for either the CIPP/US or CIPM exams.

Q: How does Privacy Bootcamp track my progress?


A: As you work your way through the course material, we keep track of each section that you have completed. In addition, we keep records of prior test questions that you have been asked, along with the answers you provided. This allows you to go back and review those questions you may have gotten incorrect. As you proceed through the course, the progress meter will show you how far along you are in the course as a whole.

Q: How long do I have access to the course materials?


A: Our students get lifetime access to any courses that they purchase, including any updated course materials.